Our Teachers

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Kelsey Deacon

Kelsey found yoga after many years of playing sports and her first experience was interesting to say the least! Being a naturally fast paced person, yoga made her slow down, which made her think yoga was not for her.  But after taking a few classes and trying out a vinyasa/power class, her outlook totally changed! Flowing through the postures and tuning in to her breath helped her relax and find an inner peace. She decided to further her practice and completed her 200hr RYT in Chicago in 2014 and completed her 1,000 teaching hours in May of 2018. Kelsey loves teaching, meeting new people and learning from her students. Every time she steps onto her mat she feels a deeper connection with her mind, body and spirit and hopes you will too! 

Kelsey also has a passion for nutrition, especially plant-based nutrition. She has her Master's in Health, Wellness and Nutrition and completed her certification in Plant-Based Education in 2013. Her passion for nutrition and yoga are a great combination in finding ashimsa (non-harming) and loves helping others make that connection. Have a food question, don't be afraid to ask her! 

When Kelsey is not on her mat, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, cheering on the Green Bay Packers and wishing she was on a warm, sunny beach!

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Kelsey Hefner

Kelsey began a consistent yoga practice in 2011 in hopes of getting in better physical shape. She went to her first power vinyasa class and was immediately hooked by the sense of belonging she felt there - she didn’t know it yet, but she was home. She continued to practice yoga and gather knowledge over the next several years, taking her first 200 hour teacher training in 2014, and then another in 2016. 

Through yoga, Kelsey has found a sense of balance in her life that was not there before. She believes that if you do your practice with consistency, you will be taken care of. Mind, body, and soul. Weaving the philosophy of yoga in with accessible alignment cueing allows for a soulful, dynamic, and challenging vinyasa class.  She holds space for students to be exactly where they are, as they are, all while bringing a sense of curiosity and empowerment to her teaching. Her students are encouraged to explore their own practice with grace and ease. Kelsey believes that you never truly “arrive” in the practice of yoga, the work is never done, and that is what makes this life-long practice so special.

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Riley Peters

Riley fell in love with the practice of yoga over a decade ago in her hometown of Bend, OR. After spending six years in a corporate setting, she decided the world could use a little more yoga. Leaving her career behind, she took the leap and opened a one room studio in Vancouver, WA. Her dream was to create a kind and compassionate community centered around this challenging yet beautiful life practice of yoga. It turns out, dreams do come true.

Whether brand new to the practice or an advanced yogi, Riley’s goal for every student is to be challenged, to have fun and leave her class feeling rejuvenated and inspired. She can’t wait to practice alongside you soon!

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Kris Relucio

A true believer in self-growth, Kris' dedication to her practice and teachings is strong and steady.  Yoga has connected her mind and body on a very deep level, which has brought her closer to her true and best version of herself (...and it will always continue to evolve!)  Her hope is to give back to the community and to share yogic paths with one another through compassion and positivity.

Kris' style is down-to-earth and mindful vinyasa yoga with a strong emphasis in alignment and anatomy.  She is also playful and loves to have fun!  Her style is indirectly inspired by ashtanga and iyengar yoga, and she also loves yin + restorative yoga.  She finished her 200-hour training in Chicago, and has continued training under Annie Carpenter in California with 250 hours under her belt thus far.  Hungry for learning, Kris is constantly finding ways to better her teachings.  Major inspirations include Diana Oppenheim, Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Cruikshank, and many others.


Kelsey Straus

Hello yogis! My name is Kelsey and I am thrilled to be joining the team at Parallel 45.  I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 10 years (on and off through college and transitions), but I am more encompassed by yoga now than ever before.  I recently completed my 200 hour RYT at YoYoYogi in Portland, OR.  I went into the program unsure of what the future had in store, and have come out of it feeling confident, inspired, and ready to continue the lifelong journey of learning!

My goal is to bring students into the present, utilize and tune in with the breath like never before, while developing strength of body and mind.  I want my students to feel safe and held in the studio so they can be all that they are.  A vinyasa style flow that will leave you feeling grounded and powerful.  When I’m off the mat you can find me planning events and weddings, hiking with my husband and corgi, and eating all the delicious food Portland has to offer!

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Jessica Weyrauch

I firmly believe in yoga’s ability to create balance in the mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is one of the modalities for wellness that has been integral for alignment in my life.  Having a background in cheerleading, dance and gymnastics, yoga currently feeds my passion for strength, flexibility, balance and overall health.  When I am not on the mat, I can be found working in the dirt on my organic urban farm.  When I’m not in the dirt, I can be found being a busy mom of two girls.

I have been practicing and teaching yoga in the Portland/Vancouver area for many years. I completed my 200 hour teacher training in England where I had the great privilege to study with Mercedes Ngoh.  I continually grow my practice through exploring yoga in its many different forms and I strive to walk my dharma (my right path) daily.  I am a certified Reiki Master which gives me another modality to offer to my yoga practice and the practice of others.

I offer dynamic vinyasa flow yoga to all ages and skill levels in individual sessions as well as in group practice.  It is my intention to create a sacred space for each class by preparing music, dharma, crystals and essential oils that will help to facilitate the energetic aspects of the practice and the theme that we explore in conjunction with the practice. I look forward to practicing with you soon!


Lauren Neroni

Lauren's yoga style blends vinyasa yoga, bodyweight movement, and personalized alignment cues (thanks to her background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy) with unique sequencing and great jams to create a diverse, ever-changing, brand new, and challenging style of yoga. When she's not on her mat you'll find her on the trails running with her husband and playing with her two goofy dogs, Arlo and Alice.


Michelle Dickey

Michelle is a 200 hr E-RYT, specializing in mobility and the movement of fascia in the body. She obtained her 200 hour training through Power of Now Oasis in Bali, Indonesia, and is currently working toward her 500 hour with Yoga Medicine. Michelle is forever a student; learning from teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Jules Mitchell, and Mallika Savalkar.

Michelle enjoys combining anatomy with creative flows and when you take a class from her, you’ll get strong movements, clear alignment, and creative sequencing. She likes to get down to the nitty, gritty basics of poses and movements and will focus on proper alignment for YOUR body. Michelle pairs her flows with creative and funky music and uses hands-on adjustments with lots of engaging verbal cues (with a few added jokes throughout). She guarantees a safe environment for you to practice, sweat, and kick butt in!!


Mimi Reid

Mimi has been practicing yoga for 16 years, and been steadily teaching 9 years. She was certified here in Portland at Core Power Yoga. After receiving her 200-hour teaching certification Mimi has taught a variety of classes including power yoga, vinyasa, yin, gentle, and pre-natal.

In her classes, Mimi brings a focus on Prana energy (breath), and connecting movement with breath to help your practice flourish. The goal for her is to create the union of mind, body, and spirit throughout each class. As a wife and mother, to a very active 8 year old boy, she enjoys the practice of yoga to bring balance to her busy active lifestyle. She enjoys the ability yoga brings to quiet the mind, and help one reconnect to the self!  Mimi strives to always build a scared space to practice. A space with no judgements.  Through practice finding self love and acceptance.

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Kate Lawrence

Kate was initially drawn to yoga for the physical aspect, but fell in love with yoga for the way it gave her a sense of balance and peace. Her favorite thing about yoga is that it's not about a destination, but rather a lifelong journey of both self-acceptance and continual growth. Kate is a 200 hr RYT and received her certification here at Parallel 45. Kate has always felt a true sense of community in this space and is overjoyed to be able to teach in the studio she calls home. 

Kate loves guiding students through a heart-pumping and powerful vinyasa style class that combines fluid sequences and straightforward cues to provide a moving meditation. Her goal is to empower you to find your edge, while also encouraging you to appreciate wherever you are on your own personal yoga journey. Kate spends her free time being active outdoors, working on her fixer-upper house, or trying to snuggle her unruly cat!

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Photo by Instructor Kelsey Straus

Karlee Godejohn

Hey fellow yogis, here's a little about my journey-

I dabbled in yoga through college but didn't start a consistent practice until 2018. I dove in headfirst when I moved to Vancouver, WA and began to take as many classes as I could. I felt and saw an overwhelming shift in my life mentally and physically. After years of struggling to find peace, health, and happiness I had discovered a passion and sense of clarity I could not have fathomed. I needed to be able to share this with the world. I received my 200hr teacher training from Parallel 45 in November 2018. 

I am beyond thrilled to be able to guide and grow with similar souls on this wild journey. My power vinyasa classes aim to keep you present in your practice while building strength and flexibility; flowing with breath, alignment, and purpose. It is my goal to have students leave feeling refreshed and empowered on and off of their mats. I aspire to help others find their overwhelming shift, their clarity, their presence. 

Be well my friends :)


Christina Ritchmond

Christina found yoga at a young age after being diagnosed with scoliosis at age eight. During her adolescence, yoga was necessary for her body alignment. After becoming a massage therapist in 2009, Christina began a more regular yoga practice as a way to build strength for her busy massage practice. It wasn’t until Christina had second child, suffering from postpartum depression, that yoga really changed her life. Vancouver, WA was still new to her after moving here in 2014 and was unable to find a community that offered similar values.

Christina was fortunate to have found Parallel 45 shortly after it opened, during one of her most challenging times in her life. Suffering with extreme postpartum depression, yoga provided Christina with love, support, security, peace and confidence. It only made sense for her to become a yoga teacher and share what she has learned to others. She finished her 200hr YTT at Parallel University in November 2018 and grateful to be teaching among the teachers that she loves.

Christina loves teaching power flows that help quiet the mind and build confidence. Being able to be supportive for her students as her teachers were for her is truly a gift. When Christina isn’t teaching, she is being a mother to her two toddlers, building her private massage practice and finding time to get the family out on their bikes.

Come flow with her!


Laura Leadingham

Hello there! My name is Laura Leadingham and I recently received my 200 hour teacher training through Parallel 45 in the Fall of 2018. It was one of the best experiences of my adult life thus far. I took my first yoga class 14 years ago and have practiced yoga on and off since then. I never stuck with a yoga studio for long, because I couldn't afford it or I just didn't feel like I belonged. I felt that I wasn't enough; I wasn't in-shape enough or flexible enough. That is until I came to Parallel 45. I immediately felt welcomed by all of the instructors, and that the studio was very warm and non-judgmental.

I took the plunge and signed up for the yoga teacher training. I learned that the practice is never done, and that yoga was not just asanas to help you get in shape. It is a philosophy and a way of living. Recently there have been lots of shifting in my life. Wellness and self-love have now become priorities, and yoga has been integral for that change. My hope as an instructor is to hold space for all beings to feel welcome and a sense of belonging. I want to help build connections and community while helping others find a sense of peace and love, even if it is only for 60 minutes.

Although I was trained in Power Yoga, I find that my style is a challenging slower flow. I find it helps soothe me to intentionally take slower, deeper breaths to find the pose. I am honored to be an instructor and I hope to see you soon in class!


Kayla Klemm

Kayla practiced yoga on and off until 2018 when she landed in Vancouver, Washington and began attending classes at Parallel 45. She was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, but became quickly enamored when she saw just how much the practice did for her mental health and sense of connectedness not only to herself, but the world around her. 

Kayla received her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in November of 2018. She also holds a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling and has been practicing as a therapist since 2016. Kayla's favorite part about teaching yoga is using her knowledge of mental health as a complement to the practice itself. She offers straightforward, powerful vinyasa flow classes with dharma woven throughout that aim to inspire and assist students in getting to know themselves on a deeper level. 

When she is off her mat, Kayla can be found hanging out with her kitties, reading as many books as she can get her hands on, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. She can't wait to practice with you! 


Haley Finnegan

Haley found vinyasa yoga over a decade ago and loved that it was not only an intense work-out, but it helped her feel grounded and cope with stress and anxiety. Throughout college, grad school, and multiple moves, yoga was always something she returned to but would abandon whenever life got too busy, stressful, or inconvenient.

When Haley moved to Vancouver, she finally decided to prioritize self-care and commit to her yoga practice. With her first class at Parallel 45, she immediately felt a sense of belonging. Haley is so grateful to be a part of this beautiful community and is honored to be teaching at the studio she calls home.

A graduate of Parallel University, Haley received her 200-RYT certification in Spring 2019. She loves teaching energetic strength-building classes that challenge her students to connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits.  She strives to create a welcoming space where students can explore their own unique practice while having a little fun!

When not on her mat, Haley enjoys hiking, hanging out at craft breweries with her husband, and spoiling her two very fat cats.